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We’re all here to learn. Digital currencies challenge our ideas, definitions and practices of money on so many different levels. Even the experts often feel overwhelmed by the new world they have created, and spend much of their time learning from each other just to keep up.

Coin Academy grew out of our own search for the best educational resources available on digital currencies. We saw some we liked, a lot we didn’t like, and we saw where there was room for improvement. Like many emerging areas of technology, the first explanatory materials produce tend to the technical and are often dense and hard to understand. We went everywhere in this search, and the search itself was a bit exhausting! We quickly discovered that there was no single place people could go to find quality educational resources covering the world of digital currencies.  Many of the resources were focused on a single currency and often has a strong evangelical tone, rather than a dispassionate, professional analysis. When we just wanted to know the basics, we found that we had to know a lot about computers, about computer security, encryption and many details which, although important, are really too much information for someone trying to make an initial evaluation of whether the time was right for them to participate in this new paradigm.

As a result of this personal search, Coin Academy was born. We set out to create a quality site that was coin agnostic, that was professional and objective in tone, and that separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Moreover, we want to add into that mix quality reviews, good explanations, and an opportunity for questions and answers to help break through the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding Bitcoin and digital currencies. We want Coin Academy to be the first step that anyone looking to enter the world of digital currencies should take. We want to make it easier for everyone to understand, and hopefully to start using these currencies for the many advantages that you will learn about in the Coin Academy courses.

So the teachers are also students, and we learn by teaching. Join us as a fellow student, and teach wherever you can!

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A Channel for Your Coin & Platform!

A good training program is essential to encouraging and activating people to use your tools and platform.

If you build it, will they come? Not unless they understand how to use it, and why.

We start by aggregating and curating the best educational content about your system that has been created by you, your team or your supporters. Their efforts deserve a platform too!

Then, with your help, we fill in the gaps, add interesting ideas and imagery, sticky memes, infographics, motion graphics, whatever is needed to get the point across to your audience: succinctly, efficiently and to the point.

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Create Coin Academy Courses

If you enjoy educating others about digital currencies, teach with us!

In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn. Often the best way to get a concept straight in your own mind is achieved by explaining it, teaching it to others.

Tell us about content that you have created and that you think should be made available here, or talk with us directly about new areas to explore, areas you would like to explore, and educational content you would like to create.

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Reach Your Target Audience!

Educated users are active clients

It doesn’t take long to turn people on to digital currencies, as long as it’s done right. A lot of people, the people we want to be adopting and using these technologies and products, find that there is a lot of noise and not much signal when it comes to educational content around digital currencies.

Our market are those people who aren’t interested in going on expeditions to search for all the information they need and sort through it, one-by-one. They want to be referred to quality information the first time around and find one place that they can explore more completely at their own pace.

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Our Mission

We created Coin Academy to fill a need we saw in today’s market: a place where people can learn about digital currencies and more importantly, a place without an agenda to promote a particular coin schema. We aren’t promoting one particular currency, we encourage all of them. We set out to identify the best of the many resources already online and aggregate them into one place, together with annotations and other guidance that will help users find the best information out there. We are also developing our own educational content, designed to help you safely explore and understand these platforms and what they have to offer, before diving in.

There is a place for all coins in this effort, and an educated user base is essential for people to be able to make the right decisions about which coin(s) are best for them and for which reasons. In a digital currency world that is  increasingly competitive and divided, we find this to be a refreshingly honest approach.

Meet the Authors

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere - Coin AcademyStephen has over two decades’ experience designing, implementing, promoting and educating about local complementary currency, sharing economy and other types of alternative currency systems in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Ric Shreves

whiteshirt-square-bwRic is a web developer and tech author who’s written more than a dozen books on open source technology. He previously worked as the Director of Program Development for Kaplan China and has worked as a teacher trainer.

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