Crypto Please: America’s Olympic Luge Team Seeks Bitcoin in Funding Bid

The USA Luge team doesn’t get as much love as some of their Olympic peers, especially when it comes to funding. So the Olympians recently turned to bitcoin donations to help pay for their competition costs. The athletes haven’t raised much yet, but a $25 BTC donation did trickle in after team member Chris Mazdzer won […]

Tesla Has Its Cloud System Hacked by Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Researchers at cloud monitoring and defense firm RedLock detected that Tesla’s cloud system was infected by cryptocurrency mining malware. Hackers were able to breach into Tesla’s Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure due to an unprotected Kubernetes administration console. Also see: Why Trust Old Vulture Capitalists Like Paul Singer on Bitcoin? Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great […]

BitFunder CEO Charged by SEC with Defrauding Exchange Users

The SEC has formally announced charges of operating an unregistered securities exchange and defrauding users against BitFunder founder Jon E. Montroll. Although BitFunder hasn’t been active since 2013, its alleged fraud included the loss of over 6,000 bitcoins, which today represents close to $70 million USD. The Department of Justice (DOJ) also announced that Montroll […]

France’s Top Financial Watchdog Moves Against Crypto Derivatives

France’s top financial watchdog — the Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF) — just announced its opinion that “cash-settled cryptocurrency contracts” are officially derivatives. As such, the formal classification mandates these crypto products are subject to France’s strict derivatives laws and an advertising ban.  Also see: What Ban? Indonesian Regulator Asks Banks to Use Blockchain Technology Subscribe […]

UK Investigating Crypto, Spinning Future Regulation as Positive

The first step of a potential crackdown on cryptocurrencies is underway in the UK. Investigators are said to be taking a good look at Bitcoin and its underlying technology, as a means of measuring cryptocurrency’s overall risk to central banking and traditional financial institutions, while also assessing whether or not regulatory measures are necessary. Is Regulation Impending? The UK appears to be setting the stage for cryptocurrency regulation. According to The Telegraph, The House of Commons

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Blockchain May Hold Key to Economic Growth in Former Soviet Republics

While the world’s largest countries remain hesitant about cryptocurrencies and blockchain – and often even hostile and distrustful – smaller countries have been embracing the technology in a bid to boost their struggling economies. One good example is former Soviet republics, such as Armenia and Belarus, which have been recently very serious about adopting the […]

We’re In: Prime Shipping Foundation Wants Its Own Cryptocurrency

Prime Shipping Foundation, the first company to invoice freight in bitcoin, is now planning to launch its own cryptocurrency. The shipping agency hopes to raise $150 million USD through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by midyear. Also see: Tokens and the ICO Model: Why Bets on the Velocity of Money Are Bound to Fail Subscribe to […]

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