Iran Hints it Might Release a National Cryptocurrency Too

Possibly following in the footsteps of Venezuela, Iran is hinting it may release its own cryptocurrency. After months of speculation, it now appears officials — while still not thrilled about bitcoin — realize its technology may have more followers than they thought. Also see: Tokens and the ICO Model: Why Bets on the Velocity of Money Are […]

UK Treasury Launches Inquiry into Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The U.K. Treasury Committee has today announced that it will conduct an investigation into issues around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Why Trust Old Vulture Capitalists Like Paul Singer on Bitcoin?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the narrative droning from mainstream media sites, newspapers and press conferences seems to be following a distinct theme: “Trusted, wealthy older gentleman believes cryptocurrency is a scam, and here’s why”. But let’s take a look at the favored business practices of these “vulture capitalists” and ask: Are they really the […]

Taiwan Sees First Bitcoin Robbery, Suspects Arrested

Taiwan has seen its first Bitcoin robbery as three men stole 18 bitcoins from the victim. Police were later able to apprehend the criminals. It seems that the cryptocurrency world is getting more dangerous. Every week, a new story comes out about an exchange getting hacked or a company getting cryptojacked. However, the buying and selling of bitcoins can lead to physical violence as a number of incidents have recently shown. The latest example of

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Tokes Technical Analysis – Long term growth

Marijuana is used worldwide for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes. The regulatory guidelines surrounding cannabis often vary wildly from region to region and legal cannabis-related businesses are becoming a growing part of the global economy.

Virginia Beach: An American Cryptocurrency Center in the Making

Virginia Beach, known for its sandy shoreline, may help spearhead a new era for cryptocurrency in America. Bcause LLC, a Virginia Beach-based firm, has invested about $65 million USD into what will be a huge mining facility located on Hampton Roads. The 84,00 square feet facility was a former beer warehouse. Also read: Bitcoin Scalability Won’t […]

PayPal CFO: Bitcoin’s Success is Very Likely

There’s a lot of doubt surrounding Bitcoin’s potential as a viable, real-world currency – but PayPal’s chief financial officer sees only positive things in the dominant cryptocurrency’s future. A ‘Very High Likelihood’ of Success According to John Rainey, PayPal’s chief financial officer, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies will one day become a popular method of payment – just not yet. Rainey told The Wall Street Journal: Given the volatility of bitcoin right now, it’s not a reliable

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$20 Trillion Bitcoin Withdrawal Attempt After Zaif Crypto Exchange Glitch

A handful of users bought cryptocurrency for free during a brief glitch on Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, with one user attempting an impossible withdrawal of bitcoin equivalent to $20 trillion. The incident is yet another reminder that the cryptoverse — and its infrastructure — is still premature. Also see: Warren Buffet’s Major Railroad Subsidiary BNSF Joins […]

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