‘Enough Is Enough’: Finance Guru Sues Facebook Over Crypto Scams

Martin Lewis, a British personal finance writer, is suing Facebook for allowing his likeness to be used in scammers’ advertisements on the platform.

Invaluable Tools for ICO Marketing Campaigns

Getting your token sale to market is an ambitious undertaking. Fortunately, the right ICO marketing campaign can get you there. [Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by On Yavin] What Challenges Do ICO Marketing Campaigns Face? ICO Marketing campaigns are much like soccer games – It’s all about how you employ a combination of tactical and strategic resources to perfect your ground game and hit the back of the net. It’s easy to

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Fear and HODLing at MIT: Blockchain Experts Weigh Impact of SEC Action

The SEC may cast an even wider net on the crypto space than thought just a week ago, but many remain optimistic about regulators’ growing involvement.

Size of bitcoin ransomware market ‘overhyped’ in the media

The rise of bitcoin ransomware attacks has been covered extensively in the media in the past 12 to 18 months. One pundit has even suggested that one of the reasons why the price of bitcoin has rallied so much is because companies are stockpiling bitcoin to mitigate the effects of potential future ransomware attacks.

Crypto Invest Summit Highlights Women Pioneers in the Blockchain World

Over the past year and a half, society has started to come to grips with how certain industries treat women. Scandals first rocked Hollywood. Then came the Vanity Fair article late last year exposing bias and abuse in the tech industry. “It’s time to fight back against prejudice and perception, ” said the founders of Crypto Invest Summit, Alon Goren, and Josef Halom. Therefore, the Crypto Invest Summit has put special emphasis on highlighting how innovative,

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