Singapore Research Team Codifies 3 New Ethereum VM Vulnerabilities

In a paper published on February 16th, a team of blockchain researchers from the National University of Singapore have discovered and codified a new class of smart contract vulnerabilities endemic to Ethereum Virtual Machine-based implementations of the tech. Also see: Tokens and the ICO Model: Why Bets on the Velocity of Money Are Bound to Fail […]

Warren Buffet’s Major Railroad Subsidiary BNSF Joins Blockchain Alliance

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway may think bitcoin is a farce, but that’s not stopping the conglomerate’s major railroad subsidiary BNSF Railway Co from joining the blockchain boom. That’s because BNSF — the second largest railway in North America — has officially joined the “Blockchain in Transport Alliance.” Also see: New ‘Coinbase Commerce’ […]

Tokens and the ICO Model: Why Bets on the Velocity of Money Are Bound to Fail

According to available data, over $6 billion USD was invested in initial coin offerings until December 2017. That month alone, projects raised a cumulative $1.67 billion to emit tokens that come with no ownership rights, dividends, repayments or often even a functioning product to use them on. Also see: Interview: Halsey Minor Says VideoCoin Will Make […]

Tesla’s Amazon Cloud Account Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla, the automotive company, was the victim of a cryptojacking attack as their Amazon cloud account was compromised and used to mine cryptocurrency. Even the largest and most technologically advanced companies can be vulnerable to being hacked. Case in point is the pioneering electric car company, Tesla, owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk. They were recently the target of a cryptojacking attack that saw their Amazon cloud account compromised and used to mine cryptocurrency. Security

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Bitcoin Scalability Won’t Solve Anything, Here’s Why

The Bitcoin scalability debate. It has plagued the community for years, and has resulted in two versions of the coin, each with its own groups of supporters warring with each other on social media. Both have the same goal in mind: making Bitcoin scalable enough to take over the world without giving up too much […]

Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Is Actually a Thing… but What Kind of Thing?

The Venezuelan government has begun a chaotic pre-sale campaign for its national “crypto-asset”, the petro (PTR). However there are several caveats for investors seeking profits or even novelty value from the world’s first government-backed cryptocurrency — pre-sale tokens are not themselves petros, exactly what and where the tokens are is unclear, and U.S. investors may […]

SEC suspends ‘bandwagon’ blockchain companies from trading

True to its word, the SEC has begun punishing listed companies that have previously had zero ties to the blockchain or digital currencies and have announced, with little to no supporting evidence, that they were moving into the cryptocurrency or blockchain space in some form or another. 

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