BREAKING: Mt. Gox ‘Bitcoin Whale’ Trustee Won’t Sell Any More BTC

The Tokyo District Court has approved the commencement of civil rehabilitation in the ongoing Mt. Gox bankruptcy — with the process to expected to start early next year.  Mt. Gox Trustee Won’t Dump Any More Bitcoin Mt. Gox creditors are one step closer to receive more than $450 per bitcoin lost. The Tokyo District Court ordered to stop the bankruptcy process and start the civil rehabilitation process. The document published on Mt. Gox website today

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eToro Market Research: EOS

EOS is by far the largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the history of cryptocurrencies. Having raised more than $3.5 billion, it promises to become an extremely fast and scalable blockchain protocol with zero transaction fees. Even though the EOS main-net has not gone live yet, many believe it has the potential of becoming a standard for decentralized applications that require fast, secure and free interactions between their users. If Bitcoin is digital gold and

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Another day, another exchange hack

The recent hack of Bithumb, the 6th largest cryptographic asset exchange, continues the worrying trend of hackers finding ways around the security of these platforms, and siphoning funds stored in exchange hot wallets.

21e800: Bitcoin, Satoshi and the Mystery Twitter Is Obsessing Over

The hash value of bitcoin block 528249 unlocked on Tuesday has the crypto community in wonder about the potential hidden meaning behind “21e800”.

Bitcoin Traders in Ireland Accuse Banks of ‘Cryptocurrency Profiling’

It is not a happy time for Bitcoin brokers in Ireland. Reports indicate that Irish banks are denying financial services to cryptocurrency traders. As a result, many are forced to either shutter their operations or open accounts with foreign banks. Irish Lenders Freezing Accounts of Bitcoin Brokers Bitcoin trading platforms like Eircoin and Bitcove say that banks in the country have withdrawn their services to cryptocurrency brokers. According to a report published in The Irish Times,

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