Ethereum Price Analysis – ICOs reach record heights

Ethereum (ETH) has essentially held steady in February. The market cap now stands at US$89.55 billion, with US$1.58 billion traded on exchange over the past 24 hours. While daily traded volume is down sharply from late December and early January, the Ethereum platform continues to be adopted by an array of startups and is now being used at-large, reducing traditional banking friction, increasing payment speed, and removing intermediaries.

How Machine Learning Could Reinvent the Way We Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increasing adoption of data science to improve the accuracy of our predictions. The result has been astounding and has completely revolutionized organizations across a huge range of industries. In particular, it has had a great impact on the investment industry. We’ve now reached the point where has become so fierce that simply doing some research and ‘trusting your gut’ simply won’t cut it anymore. If you

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South Korean Cryptocurrency Official Found Dead

A South Korean official responsible for cryptocurrency has been found dead in his home. The body of Jung Ki-joon, who headed economic policy coordination at the Office for Government Policy Coordination in South Korea, was discovered at the former regulator’s home during the early hours of Sunday, February 19th. Jung is believed to have died from […]

Finnish Authorities Told to Secure Bitcoin Holdings in Cold Storage

Finnish authorities have a bitcoin storage problem on their hands. After seizing thousands of bitcoin over the last two years, Finnish officials have now been formally mandated to store the cryptocurrency in so-called “cold storage” solutions offline. Also see: Bank of England Head: Bitcoin “Has Failed” in Being Currency Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great videos […]

Indian Prime Minister Modi: Blockchain Will Have Profound Impact on Lives

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking via a video conference after unveiling the 22nd edition of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), said blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) will transform society and are necessary to adopt. Also read: Reminder: Bitcoin Was Meant to Destroy Wall Street, Not Join It Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for […]

Bank of England Head: Bitcoin “Has Failed” in Being Currency

Mark Carney — the Governor of the Bank of England — just bashed the viability of bitcoin being a mainstream asset in new comments. He chided the cryptocurrency’s potent volatility, suggesting the digital asset is no real store of value.  Also see: More Than 1,200 Australians Reported Bitcoin Scams to Consumer Watchdog Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube […]

Dogecoin Hard Forks To ‘Dogethereum’ Later In 2018

News that Dogecoin had become a test asset for Ethereum’s inter-coin Rinkeby testnet has sparked a project aiming to hard fork it later this year. Dogecoin’s ‘Serious’ Year? Dogethereum (DOGX), which shares its name with the Rinkeby project known as Dogethereum Bridge, is looking to branch off from the Dogecoin chain in fall. This would constitute Dogecoin’s first ever hard fork. “Dogethereum is new decentralized digital currency, it will be founded on snapshot of popular

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