The Fifth Amendment and Bitcoin Private Keys: The Battle is About to Begin

Baker Marquart partner Brian Klien discusses a recent federal court case and its implications for the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

FTC Settles Charges Against Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs

The US Federal Trade Commission says it has reached a settlement with bitcoin mining firm Butterfly Labs after it sued the company in 2014.

Meet Boost VC’s Newest Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups

Incubator Boost VC has announced its 2016 group of early-stage startups, four of which offer bitcoin and blockchain services.

Mizuho, Microsoft Japan Trial Blockchain System for Syndicated Loans

Financial services giant Mizuho has announced a second blockchain technology trial that will focus on syndicated loans.

HashFast’s $1 Million Question: Is Bitcoin a Currency or Commodity?

Berger Singerman LLP counsel Andrew Hinkes discusses what’s at stake in an upcoming court hearing in the HashFast bitcoin miner bankruptcy case.

Los Angeles medical center pays 40 bitcoins to ransomware extortionists

Around the fifth of February an “internal emergency” was declared at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, due to a system-wide ransomware infection. The malicious software typically encrypts a victim’s files and holds them hostage, unless a ransom is paid.

Mt Gox Bankruptcy Trustee Issues New Details on Creditor Reimbursement

The bankruptcy trustee for the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has released a new update, offering fresh details on the claims submitted so far.

Researchers Argue Radical Redesigns Needed to Scale Decentralized Blockchains

A new paper suggests bitcoin will need a major redesign to scale into a mainstream payment network.

Dubai Government Backs Expansive Blockchain Research Effort

A new organization has formed in the United Arab Emirates focused on blockchain technology applications.

New Australian Political Party Seeks to Popularize Blockchain Voting

A new Australian political party has proposed the introduction of a blockchain-based voting system that would govern actions of lawmakers.

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