The Academy Interview: CoinGecko

If you are looking for analysis and ranking data on the various digital currencies in the market today, there are multiple sources from which to choose. One of our favorites is CoinGecko. We like it for a variety of reasons, including their reporting on projects by developer and community activity levels. CoinGecko provides a snapshot […]

Call for participation — Site Assessment Survey

We’re one month old and to celebrate, we want to ask for your help. We’ve put together a (very) short survey asking about our site and what you want to see here. We would really appreciate it if you would take this (very) short survey and give us your opinions. It will help us make […]

Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network Team Up to Bring Crypto to Campus

The College Cryptocurrency Network has selected Coin Academy as the content provider for their fast growing initiative to bring cryptocurrency education to campuses across the U.S. Under the arrangement, Coin Academy will be providing their original digital currency courses to the students inside the College Cryptocurrency Network and will help the CCN source and curate […]

blockchain 2.0

Blockchain 2.0

Some of the most frequent questions we get relate to what the future will bring. “Is Bitcoin the real thing?” “Will Bitcoin be regulated?” “Which digital currency will win out in the long run?” All interesting conversations, to be sure, but largely subjective. Increasingly, when people ask me to speculate about the future of any […]

Press Round Up

This last week was a lot of fun for us — we saw quite a bit of action from the media. The uniformly positive reaction of the press was a nice thing to experience. While a number of good quotes emerged, my favorite has to be from the San Diego Examiner, who said: Coin Academy, […]

We love ’em all!

We’re often asked “What’s your favorite currency?” It’s such a loaded question we usually try to sidestep it as gracefully as we can. Of course it never works. Everyone seems to have a “pet” coinage and the only right answer is when we validate their choice. The official position of Coin Academy is, however, we’re […]

Coindesk, on Coin Academy

A really nice article Coin Academy appeared today on Coindesk. Here’s the link: Big thank you to Jon Southurst and the Coindesk team for that. If you don’t know Coindesk, you should visit them. They are one of our go to resources for news and analysis on the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies. […]

Thank you, everyone!

Just off an amazing 24 hours. Our formal launch was 1 September and the response exceeded our expectations, though it was not without a few anxious moments. It all began in rather clumsy fashion: We used a scheduled broadcast service for our press release. A great idea, right? Well, yes, but we miscalculated the time […]

Bitcoinist, on Coin Academy was kind enough to give our launch some coverage. (Thanks, guys!) It’s an interesting site. If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of the Bitcoin ecosystem in particular (and cryptocurrencies in general), you should check them out. They take an interesting position relative to what we do, that is, while education resources […]

Coin Academy Launch Announcement

1 September 2014 Singapore, Singapore :: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE :: First Digital Currency Education Site Launches Today sees the launch of the first comprehensive digital currency education site, Coin Academy ( The self-paced learning site features original content and curated collections of digital currency resources from around on the web. Coin Academy’s original courses focus […]

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