Nice bit of press…

Korean IT and startup publication beSuccess recently sent freelancer journalist Youjin Do to Bali for a bit of a check up on the Bali start up scene. It wasn’t long before she found her way to Hubud in Ubud, where Stephen and I are frequently cloistered. We had a long chat with her and she […]

Bitcoins, Bali and Coin Academy

Nice little piece today on The article, titled Bali’s Bid to Become a Bitcoin-Friendly Vacation Destination, takes a look at the nascent Bitcoin scene in Bali. They provide a nice summary of what’s going on here, and in the process give Coin Academy a mention (thanks, guys!). Though it may strike some as rather […]

A little bit older, and maybe just a tiny bit wiser

One week ago today we took the wraps off the site and invited a small group of people in to take a look around. We asked them to try out the content, check out the site features, and do their best to spot any problems. To paraphrase the military strategists: No site plan survives contact […]

Coin Academy Soft Launch, 15 August 2014

Soft Launch Date set for Friday, August 15th, 2014

We’re set to take Coin Academy live on Friday, August 15th, 2014. The countdown timer is ticking, the Twitter countdown is blasting out every day, so it’s only a matter of time now. We’ve set a deadline to achieve all the points in our soft launch list, and we hope we make it.

cryptocurrency tutorial

Welcome to Coin Academy!

Whether you’re brand new to cryptocurrencies, in which case we give you a big WELCOME, or already experienced but looking to explore some new aspects, developments or technologies, then we have something for you! We’re going to provide both free Curated Content, and free/paid Coin Academy Courses. This is because we think it’s important to encourage those who have made the effort to provide educational content on cryptocurrencies – they deserve more recognition and a big round of applause as well for their efforts!

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