Amazon Web Services is Now Working With Blockchain Startups

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of the Web commerce giant, is partnering with investment firm Digital Currency Group.

Derivatives Giant CME Group Unveils 2 Benchmarks for Bitcoin Traders

Derivatives marketplace CME Group and Crypto Facilities have unveiled two bitcoin benchmarks designed to give investors a new way to hedge.

Former Maestro CEO Joins Agentic Group Blockchain Consortium

Bitcoinist_Agentic Group Blockchain

Blockchain consortia are nothing new under the sun these days, and Agentic Group is one of one consortium very few people have heard of so far. This global Blockchain and digital currency initiative has added former Maestro CEO Ann Camarillo to their Senior Advisors board. Also read: New Ransomware Strains No Longer Want Your Bitcoin […]

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Everledger Plans Blockchain Database to Combat Art Fraud

Everledger has partnered with fine art database firm Vastari, aiming to use its blockchain platform to combat fraud within the art industry.

Vulnerabilities in Samsung’s SmartThings

Interesting research: Earlence Fernandes, Jaeyeon Jung, and Atul Prakash, "Security Analysis of Emerging Smart Home Applications": Abstract: Recently, several competing smart home programming frameworks that support third party app development have emerged. These frameworks provide tangible benefits to users, but can also expose users to significant security risks. This paper presents the first in-depth empirical security analysis of one such…

Circle Then and Now: Bitcoin’s Early Champions Challenge a Blockchain World

CoinDesk interviews Circle founders Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville about their $76m blockchain payments company, its market strategy and its future.

Delaware to Seek Legal Classification for Blockchain Shares

Delaware is looking to use blockchain technology in a bid to streamline the cost and paperwork burden of registering new companies in the state.

Chain Unveils Blockchain Platform Built By and for Financial Industry

Blockchain startup Chain is today releasing a new permissioned protocol built in collaboration with 10 financial and telecom firms.

New Ransomware Strains No Longer Want Your Bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Lansing Board of Water and Light

Most people around the world are well aware of the potential effect ransomware could have on their computer. But in some cases, the effects are far more dire, as a Michigan municipal utility had to shut down all of their services. However, instead of asking for a Bitcoin ransom, the Internet criminals want gift cards. […]

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Live Blog: Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed?

Academic Craig Wright went public today by declaring, and providing evidence to his claim, that he is bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

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