Automata Podcast: Sarah Hody of Perkins Coie Talks Bitcoin and the Law

“2014 was a pretty exciting time, and (the Bitcoin industry) was a lot smaller,” says Perkins Coie associate Sarah Hody. But the hype that surrounded it four years ago “was nowhere near the scale that we’re seeing today”. Bitcoin is in the big league now and its companies are playing by big-league rules. They’ll probably […]

Top Advisors Join the KYC.Legal Team

KYC.Legal, which is working to create a fast, reliable personal identification system based on blockchain technology to meet know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, has assembled a formidable team of advisors for their project, which has now been made even stronger by new advisors Vibhuti Jha and Allan Young. Allan Young Allan Young is a successful entrepreneur with experience in technology, venture capital, private equity, and asset management. He got his start in technology and finance as part

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Brave Hands out 300,000 Free BAT Tokens to Browser Users

In an effort to convince more users to try their browser, the team behind Brave announced for a limited time they are offering $5 USD in BAT tokens to users. The condition is that users contribute those tokens directly to their favorite sites — including popular YouTube channels. Incentivizing the Content Creators Brave is looking […]

Australia’s ASX Ready to Switch to Blockchain-Based Clearing System

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is set to switch over its current clearing system — CHESS software (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) to a more futuristic blockchain platform in 2018. ASX is the world’s first exchange to adopt the technology. Also read: New Exchange CoinEx Will Trade Only BCH Currency Pairs Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get […]

New Exchange CoinEx Will Trade Only BCH Currency Pairs

A new U.K.-registered exchange called CoinEx is set to launch in late December 2017, with one novel point: it will trade only Bitcoin Cash (BCH) currency pairs. The cryptocurrency-only exchange is backed by the same management as ViaBTC, and will be available globally. Also read: Holy Volatility! Bitcoin Price Retraces, BCH and Altcoins Grab Some Cash […]

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