Reminder: Bitcoin Was Meant to Destroy Wall Street, Not Join It

As Bitcoin heads into 2018, it has achieved things we could only fantasize about previously: trading on Wall Street, serious acknowledgement from major banks, and a price heading towards $20,000 USD. As we reflect on these milestones, it’s important to remember the radical ideas that sparked Bitcoin’s birth. Also read: Bitcoin Price Goes Bullish Again: A […]

Crypto-Market Crash Would Hit Retail Investors the Hardest, Says New Report

Following bitcoin’s drastic fall in price in January 2018, many are breaking out the champagne over its sudden rise back to $11,000 USD. It’s a major move for die-hard investors but, as we’ve come to realize, the threats of a crash are always lurking in the shadows, and should one ever come along, it seems […]

More Than 1,200 Australians Reported Bitcoin Scams to Consumer Watchdog

Scamwatch — the website run by Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) — said 1,289 complaints were lodged against Bitcoin-related scams in 2017, with an accumulated loss of $1,218,206 AUD ($966,000 USD). ACCC is the national consumer watchdog which provides information to caution consumers about how to recognize and report scams. Also see: High Life: Florida […]

Interview: Halsey Minor Says VideoCoin Will Make Internet Video Cheaper for All

Video content now accounts for 80 percent of internet traffic and that’s compounding every year — says CNET, and Google Voice founder Halsey Minor. It’s also resource-taxing and expensive, meaning powerful entities like Amazon and Google are in a position to dominate and control the space. Only a decentralized, blockchain-based infrastructure can challenge them […]

NEM hack returns security spotlight to crypto infrastructure

After the Coincheck exchange hack and admissions by its management of remarkably lax security, questions are again being asked about whether the security infrastructure around cryptocurrencies is as secure as it ought to be — and what can be done to prevent further large-scale thefts.

Polish Central Bank Paid YouTubers for ‘Low Down and Dirty’ Smear Campaign Against Cryptocurrency

The Polish central bank (NFB) has been accused of paying prominent Polish YouTubers to run a “low down and dirty” smear campaign against the cryptocurrency market, without properly disclosing sponsorship. Subversive Tactics Poland’s central bank has been accused of orchestrating a subversive, online smear campaign against cryptocurrencies. As reported by Business Insider Poland, the Narodowy Bank Polski (NFB) spent around 91,000 zloty (£19,430; $27,300) on Google, Facebook, and other websites, in a subversive smear campaign

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Bitcoin Price Analysis – Return to the Mean

Bitcoin (BTC) has recovered 88% from the ~US$6000 low posted on February 6th. The market cap now stands at US$186.7 billion, with US$4.3 billion traded on exchange over the past 24 hours.

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