OpenBazaar’s ‘Ambitious Destination’


The OpenBazaar team has released its roadmap to the public via a Medium blog post and a picture of the company Trello board. The decentralized marketplace had “received a better than expected response,” and has gained visitors from all across the globe. With this, the company thought it would let the community know the upcoming […]

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Bitcoin Market OpenBazaar Unveils Plans for Tor Support, Mobile App

Distributed marketplace OpenBazaar pubished its plan to integrate with the Tor browser, IPFS, and to build a mobile app with chatbot integration.

Bucbi Ransomware Resurfaces Through Targeted Attacks


The topic of ransomware seems to be entwined with Bitcoin these days, and two-year-old malware Bucbi is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. In its new form, the Bucbi ransomware will target specific victims and demand a five-Bitcoin ransom. Also read: Kripos Shuts Down Major Dark Web Drugs Marketplace Bucbi Infections Are Not Random It is […]

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The new Mycelium wallet is integrating fiat currencies, debit cards, personal finance, and more

Mycelium provides one of the oldest, most popular, and feature-rich bitcoin wallets on offer.The company’s latest estimate is close to 200,000 active wallet users, with over 157,570 installs from Google Play, and about 150,000 more from alternative pla…

Kripos Shuts Down Major Dark Web Drugs Marketplace

Bitcoinist_Dark Web Drug Marketplace Bitcoin

Ever since the Silk Road platform came to fruition, Bitcoin seems to become a favourite form of payment across dark web marketplaces. Kripos, the Norwegian Police Service’s specialized agency, is close to concluding their largest operation – dubbed Marco Polo –  against a drug ring on the dark web. Also read: BitcoinAverage: Craig Wright Can’t […]

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