Bitcoin Wallets Vulnerable To Opt-in Replace-by-fee Double Spend Attacks

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The topic of transaction fees has been kicked around a few times in the world of Bitcoin, but the question remains whether or not wallets are ready to deal with opt-in replace-by-fee. Several exchange platforms have taken the necessary steps to detect opt-in replace-by-fee situations, but more efforts are needed. Also read: Follow My Vote […]

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Distributed ledger technology, ‘could be a game changer,’ states European Central Bank Board Member

The European Central Bank (ECB) considers Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as “one of several possibilities” when it comes to assessing possible technical solutions, according to Yves Mersch, ECB Executive Board Member. At the Deutsche Bank Transaction Bankers’ Forum 2016 on Monday, Mersch stated that not only is there “big demand for research into the DLT related questions and their policy implications,” the ECB is “certainly open to new technologies and, like many market players, have launched some experimental work.”

Ethereum powered HEAL Bonds join fight against AIDS

On June 5 1981, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a Report describing a rare lung infection in five young, previously healthy, men. They all had other, unusual, infections as well, indicating that their immune systems …

UK Treasury Won’t Seek AML Rules for Bitcoin Wallet Providers

The UK Treasury has said in a new report that it won’t impose AML rules on digital currency wallet providers in a bid to avoid regulatory burdens.

SBI Leads Japanese Bitcoin Exchange’s $27 Million Series C

Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange bitFlyer has raised $27 million in new funding, one of the largest rounds for a Japanese digital currency firm to date.

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