Crypto Valley In Switzerland Now Accepts Bitcoin For Train Tickets

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One community in Switzerland dubbed Crypto Valley, has decided to start accepting Bitcoin payments for train tickets. This was agreed upon during the council meeting earlier today, as they now accept Bitcoin payments for bills up to 200 Swiss Francs Also read: Valyrian Tech Presents Bitcoin Spellbook Project Crypto Valley Embraces Bitcoin Payments Very few […]

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Beware the impossible smart contract

Ethereum-like smart contracts are on the MultiChain roadmap. The answer I always give is: no, or at least not yet. But in the hype-filled world of blockchains, smart contracts are all the rage, so why ever not? Well, the problem is, while we now know of three strong use cases for permissioned Bitcoin-style blockchains (provenance, inter-company records and lightweight finance), we’re yet to find the equivalent for Ethereum-style smart contracts.

Valyrian Tech Presents Bitcoin Spellbook Project

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Bitcoin blockchain development is an area worth exploring by all kinds of developers, and the Bitcoin Spellbook v0.1 wants to make that process a lot more approachable. Don’t expect any pointy hats and wand-waving, though, as this project is all about combining APIs and web services using the Bitcoin blockchain to create new applications and […]

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BitPay Launches Loadable Visa


BitPay the global merchant processor for Bitcoin announced a Bitcoin debit card during the Consensus event in New York. BitPay CEO Stephen Pair let attendees know about the Bitcoin-loadable Visa that can make point-of-sale (POS) transactions at brick and mortar locations. The card will available for $9.95 for anyone in the United States and loadable […]

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Blockchain Tech Leaders Debate Satoshi Mystery and Scaling at Consensus 2016

On the first day of the Tech & Policy track of Consensus 2016, there were talks on law enforcement & blockchain and decentralizing existing markets.

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