Cryptsy CEO: Bitcoin Theft Kept Hidden to Avoid ‘Panic’

Crypsty CEO Paul Vernon told CoinDesk that the exchange did not tell customers about a hack – or told them to stop depositing funds – to avoid panic.

Africa May Leapfrog Traditional Banking For Bitcoin

Out of all the nations of Earth, African countries will stand to benefit the most from financial technology such as bitcoin.

The post Africa May Leapfrog Traditional Banking For Bitcoin first appeared on and was written by Travis Patron.

Wyoming Lawmakers Seek ‘Level Playing Field’ for Bitcoin

A group of Wyoming legislators has introduced a bill that would ease a regulatory burden on money transmitters in the state that work with bitcoin.

Bitcoin Industry Optimistic Amid Bitter Battle for Scaling Solution

At the first stop on bitcoin’s annual event calendar, opinions were diverse and divisive on how the network can scale to accommodate new users.

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