Blockchain Reputation Tracker Credify Shortlisted to Pitch at Slush Tokyo

Tokyo-based blockchain startup Credify has been selected as one of 80 Asia-based tech startups to pitch at Slush Tokyo on March 28-29th, 2018. Credify, which is developing a blockchain based reputation protocol and service that works on any platform, hopes its international network and potential scope will make it stand out from the pack. Also […]

What’s Wrong With John Oliver’s Bitcoin-Beanie Baby Comparison

Comedian John Oliver rightly warned his audience about the risks of cryptocurrency, but his comparisons to Beanie Babies and gambling missed the mark.

Australian Government Staffers Questioned in ‘Sneaky’ Mining Operation

Two IT staffers at an Australian federal government agency are under scrutiny for allegedly running a “sneaky” cryptocurrency mining operation. The alleged incidents happened on a computer network belonging to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology — however at press time, it’s unclear if the mining was deliberate or part of an ongoing crypto-jacking scheme. Also see: Dutch Finance […]

Dutch Finance Minister Proposes ICO Regulation to Protect Consumers From Scams

Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra has suggested an international stratagem to regulate cryptocurrencies and ICOs. To formulate new consumer protection measures, the minister wants to talk with credit card companies to establish stronger protections for people who buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards. Also see: First Public Bitcoin Monument to Be Unveiled in Slovenia Subscribe to the Bitsonline […]

The Classic Check Scam Gets Its Bitcoin Variation

A Long Island, New York man  has uncovered a new bitcoin scam that is emerging in the market. Michael Nagel, a part-time actor, said he almost fell for the scam before reporting it to his bank. The new bitcoin scam is referred to as the “Bitcoin Check Scam”, because it’s an adaptation of an old […]

First Public Bitcoin Monument to Be Unveiled in Slovenia

Kranj, the fourth largest city of Slovenia, is going to be the first city in the world to have a Bitcoin monument built in a public space — a roundabout that connects Oldhamska and Gregorčičeva streets. The monument is to be a symbol of the growth of the overall crypto space and could potentially become […]

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