Overwinter Ahead: What Should Happen When Zcash’s First Hard Fork Hits

With its community aligned, Zcash’s first hard fork, Overwinter, might not be exciting. But as always, you never really rule out a blockchain split.

Crypto Non-Profits Are Flawed – Zcash Thinks It Can Change That

Ahead of the Zcash Foundation’s first big gathering, crypto aficionados are watching to see if the non-profit can redeem a maligned governance model.

Amid Crypto Bear Market, Attention Turns to Small-Time Investors

When it came to crypto, the focus was on retail investors – not only on protecting them but also on giving them a chance – during CB Insights’ event.

Metropolitan Bank Is Handling Millions for Crypto Clients (And It Wants More)

To most banks in the United States, cryptocurrency businesses are pariahs. To Metropolitan Commercial Bank in New York, they’re “pioneers.”

In the Scramble to Fix Digital Identity, uPort Is a Project to Watch

Digital identity is scattered and insecure. ConsenSys’ uPort project wants to rework the internet to make “self-sovereign identity” a reality.

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