Bringing You the Best of Digital Currency Content

This page brings together the best of the existing online resources on digital currencies. There are a lot of materials out there, but the quality varies wildly. It’s a daunting, and time-consuming, task to plow through the lists lists of videos on YouTube and Vimeo to find the information you need — and information you can trust. We’ve done that work for you. We’ve reviewed hours and hours of video in an attempt to isolate the quality content and bring it all together topically in one place.
In reviewing the videos, the emphasis has been on identifying authoritative resources with quality production values. We have gone further and added annotations to these videos, listing information about the source, the nature of the content and often detail about the contents with time markers, so you can skip ahead to the information you need. One downside: As these videos were not created in concert, there is no logical transition from one to the other (as one finds in our Original Course materials). Still, there’s a lot of great information here — and we update this regularly.