What is PEERCOIN? Is it a Virtual Cryptocurrency Like BITCOIN?

The world-changing advent of cryptocurrency is just beginning, empowering users to send, receive and store value without needing a bank or a payment provider.

However, with so many Bitcoin copycats popping up, finding real innovation is more important than ever. PEERCOIN stands above the crowd as innovate and unique. Most coins use proof of work or mining to maintain their networks and verify transactions. Miners compete fearlessly for block rewards and even poll their competing resources to gain an advantage. The result is a need for specialized hardware, ever-increasing power usage and the trend towards centralization.

PEERCOIN is different. It uses of stake to maintain its network, uses verify transactions and secure the network based on the PEERCOINs they hold. There are no massive mining powerhouses needed to verify transactions. The result is a secure, peer-to-peer network in which all computers can participate equally, saving vast amounts of energy and preventing centralization.

PEERCOIN gives a one per cent annual reward to users in compensation for maintaining the network. This encourages saving, making PEERCOIN an excellent store of wealth and establishing it as a stable backbone currency.

Another aspect of PEERCOIN is its smaller blockchain which allows wallets to sink faster. This also makes PEERCOIN ideal for future innovations and projects like peershares. With active developers and a growing community, PEERCOIN has a bright future.

PEERCOIN, the secure and sustainable cryptocoin.