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The world makes five hundred billion electronic payments every year that take thirty-six trillion hours to process and cost people tens of billions in fees. Money uses old, inefficient technologies that are slow and expensive and run on disconnected networks. The internet has made the world a flatter, more connected place but payments have not kept up. It’s time for money to evolve.

Introducing: Ripple, a new global payment network that does for money what the internet do for information. With Ripple, payments are as easy as emails. You can send currency of any kind to anyone in the world in seconds for next to nothing. It creates new businesses, helps existing businesses grow, supports powerful applications, gives people control of their money and makes the global economy accessible to billions of people without access to banks and financial institutions. The future of money is going to be a smarter, faster, more efficient and prosperous place for everyone.

Come join the growing Ripple community and help build a network that will transform the way the world does business.