Bridging the gap to achieve mainstream adoption
requires partners and supporters.

Our goal is to welcome newcomers into the world of Digital Currencies by providing the best educational content: Tutorials and courses about general computer security and the basics of getting started, how to get set up to buy, receive and send coins, the history and philosophy behind the cryptocurrency movement, with many more on the way. We are also constantly adding the best of publicly available content through our Curated Collection.

All indications are that Coin Academy is the first to do create a comprehensive entry-level course in Digital Currencies. Education is essential to the growth and success of the Cryptocurrency movement in so many ways, but clearly it has been overlooked and neglected — until now.

In the spirit of collaboration which is at the foundation of what we are doing, it would not be right for us to exclude good-quality content developed by other Cryptocurrency supports, which is why we spend so much time reviewing each slideshow, each video, presentation, podcast, or document we can get our hands on, to see if it would be something that a newcomer could read and understand.

There is also an important demand for new content that goes right to the point and is structured educationally so that novice learners can feel like they are progressing without feeling overwhelmed, and with opportunities to take breaks and think about the ideas, concepts and practical implications of what we are building.

We do not want to charge a fee to take our courses, we want them to be available to anyone, regardless of their present means. This however leaves us with few options to make this more than just a labor of love: advertising and sponsorship. Of these two, we prefer sponsorship.

Therefore, in the interest of providing the training needed to mainstream the use of Digital Currencies, we are asking for your support in national/fiat currency, and in any cryptocurrency, or in any form, you would like to donate. We have made the main ones available, and we will accept whatever you wish to give.

Please give generously so that we can do our best.

Thank you!

Donation Options

You may contribute in national/fiat currency via Paypal to help cover our expenses in fiat/state currency.

Contact us directly to contribute in Bitcoin: stephen @