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Getting to Kow the Key Players

These videos look at the blockchain – the distributed ledger tech behind Bitcoin – and how it is impacting innovation in general, and the world of financial technology (fintech), through the lenses of thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Introduction to Bitcoin (Beginner)

A More Detailed Introduction

These videos provide general introductions to Bitcoin as a concept and bitcoin as a medium of exchange that will help you to wrap your head around this incredible technology.

Introduction to Bitcoin (Intermediate)

Before You Begin

These videos take you deeper into the theory and technology underpinning Bitcoin. If you really want to dive deep into how it all works in theory, and in practice, this is the course for you.

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Digital Currencies & Social Activism

New Financial Empowerment

This course looks at the role digital currencies can play in social activism and how they are currently being used to advance social causes. This is a Coin Academy Curated Collection. The materials contained in this course were all generated by third parties. We have gone through the a large number of materials to select the set of lessons you see here. Each of the lessons is annotated, with a brief explanation of the contents, the creator and information about its length and its strengths and weaknesses.